Extermination and Removal

They Can Feed Off Your Home

Termites are nature’s recycler. Protect your biggest investment from these silent, destructive insects. Termites cause more property damage than fire, flood or wind combined with over 5 billion dollars of damage annually. Termites serve a vital purpose in the wild.

Without them, dead trees and other foliage would just sit around taking up valuable space. In fact, if it weren’t for termites, there’d be little room to build houses, apartment buildings or any other structures so vital to supporting human life.

However, if allowed to feed on your investment, termites can be extremely destructive and intrusive. Often times, termites can do damage to your home or business for months and months without anyone knowing they are there.

Identification of Termites

It is critical to identify the species of destructive termites to formulate an appropriate control program. The main destructive termite species in Missouri is the Eastern subterranean termite. Our trained technicians know all the latest termite information, which means they will be able to create a specific plan to protect your home, office or apartment building from these desperately destructive insects — before it costs you dearly. We offer thorough Termite inspections, Termite extermination treatments, and effective Termite monitoring and preventative systems.

This highlights the importance of having an Elite Pest Control trained technician perform an inspection. Subterranean termites never hibernate, and the worker termites work 24/7 which make up more than 97% of a termite colony.