The process of buying and selling a home is not always an easy one. In addition to the procedural things you deal with when utilizing a real estate agent, the process of waiting or seeking and the possibility of performing some minor repairs or updates prior to selling, it’s extremely import to have your home inspected by professionals, specifically for the buyer before purchasing. Termite inspections in Missouri are usually part of this inspection process that is highly recommended while a regular general home inspection by a professional is being performed.

In the greater Cape Girardeau region there are a few different home inspection companies that are hired by potential buyers of properties during the contract phase who perform these inspections. Home inspectors are doing a broad range inspection of the home, testing things, generating a report of exactly what you have in the home and how well things currently perform, making sure there are no serious issues perhaps to the roof or the general structure inside and outside in addition to many other things. This is an extremely important inspection that needs to be utilized to help you understand the nuts and bolts of the property.

Termite inspections, in addition to the general home inspection is a very important inspection you should consider when buying. Hiring a professional from the pest control industry to perform this termite inspection is a wise decision to make for a very small fee. Pest Professionals have the experience from hundreds upon hundreds of homes where they have seen termites work and do damage therefore giving them an in depth understanding through experience where exactly to search for potential termite activity.

In our opinion, in the southeast Missouri area, termites are virtually everywhere. The question then becomes, Is your house susceptible to termites or not? Termites never hibernate, and they never stop working all year round, 24/7 looking for a food source. Make sure you utilize the inspection skills of a pest professional when purchasing one of your largest investments.