Although he is the mascot of the worlds most popular theme park and entertainment brand, the mouse is usually not a welcomed guest inside your home or business. In years past, with our experience, colder weather is always synonymous with increased rodent activity. Honestly though, can you blame them? I would certainly want to find a warmer place to live and nest if I were a mouse. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable and is absolutely not a healthy thing you want to live with. Mice are crafty little creatures that sometimes make us feel as though they have evolved to ninjas, the way they avoid traps, yet still get the bait. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you. When you go to battle with a ninja, you need to hire professional help.

There are multiple tricks of the trade we utilize at Elite Pest Control for residential and business settings. On a very real and serious note, mice and rats can carry many diseases and there have been individuals die from this very thing, usually in industrial areas where mice potentially move across boxes, food sources and different things that transfer and get on human hands and eventually your mouth. This very thing can happen in a residential area as well and we cannot emphasize enough the risk and health hazards that are involved with a mouse infestation. Keeping your home or business mouse free is a simple task that we provide daily with our professional pest control services at Elite Pest Control. It is a very simple thing to do, however it requires consistency, knowledge and proper product placement.

Please do not hesitate to mouse proof your home or business this winter if these are services you currently do not utilize. It is simply not worth the risk of dealing with a potentially very serious health hazard for your residential or professional environment.