Eagerly awaiting the spring weather? So are the carpenter bees that will be infesting the structure of your home or business. Cape Girardeau pest control experts know that now is not the time for bumble bee control. Spring is the ideal time to eliminate these destructive pests.

Why Add Carpenter Bee Treatment to Your Spring Cleaning List?

Carpenter bees will bore many tunnels through the structure of your home and outbuildings. Their near-perfect ½-inch circles are worse than meets the eye. Each hole in the wood is typically branched off at 90-degree turns, running the length of the wood, with several tunnels extending from just one opening.

Treating tunnel openings in the early spring before bees emerge is the ideal and most effective means of carpenter bee control. This ensures eradication before mating and egg-laying activities take place.

Treatment Timing is Key

Carpenter bees live a single year from egg to death. Once mated, egg-laying, and tunneling activities have begun, it will take at least two treatments to control these pests.

The first treatment should occur during the spring activity period. This treatment eliminates mating and nesting adults (but not eggs and larvae in brood chambers). The second should occur in the late summer to ensure the adults that have emerged from larvae are eliminated. After this treatment, carpenter bee tunnels can then be sealed.

Are carpenter bees tunneling their way through your home? Head them off at the pass with the Cape Girardeau pest control experts at Elite Pest Control today.