Remember when you were a kid and you were afraid of monsters living under your bed? You wouldn't have given a second thought to a tiny insect, but bed bugs have turned out to be the real nighttime danger. Our Cape Girardeau pest control experts explain why bed bugs are such a durable threat.

Bed Bugs Make a Comeback

The menace of bed bugs dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians tried to banish them with magic incantations, but surprisingly, modern science hasn't had much better success.

Powerful pesticides developed in the 20th century nearly did the trick. Unfortunately, bed bugs weren't completely eliminated, and as the world moved into the year 2000, the bed bug population came roaring back with a vengeance.

Why Are Bed Bugs so Hard to Kill?

In the interim, much like bacteria and viruses such as influenza, bed bugs developed a greater resistance to external threats. Bed bug skin is now 15 percent thicker to repel pesticides. In addition, bed bugs also produce esterases and oxidases, enzymes that render most popular insecticides useless.

Unlike many common pests, bed bugs don't transmit diseases, but their bite can sometimes be more than just an annoyance. The resulting rash can develop into skin infections or serious allergic reactions.

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