Whether it’s a residential or commercial kitchen, nothing is a bigger turn-off than the sight of insects. Drain flies are a particular problem for both homes and restaurants. Our Cape Girardeau pest control experts share important information about this common problem.

Characteristics of Drain Flies

While they are often assumed to be fruit flies, drain flies are actually moth flies, so-called because of their appearance. Since drain flies have poor flying abilities, they can be identified by their short flights that are more like hops.

Drain flies are drawn to standing water where they feed on decaying organic material, which is why drains are such an attractive location. Like many pests, drain flies are most active during night time.

While drain flies are not known disease carriers, they live in filth so they contribute to unsanitary conditions. Infestations can grow rapidly, as drain flies may lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Preventing Drain Flies

For an established infestation, the key is to eliminate sludge and grime build-up that creates optimum conditions for drain flies to breed. Use a biodegradable or enzyme-based cleaner with a wire brush to scrub the drain inside and out. Maintain sanitary habits, such as keeping sinks and drains free of food crumbs and other debris.

Cape Girardeau Pest Control for All Needs

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