Will you be surprised by unwanted houseguests this spring? When termites make themselves at home, they can leave serious damage in their wake. Our Cape Girardeau pest control experts offer facts you should know about termites before the weather warms up.


Termites date back to prehistoric times when they evolved from close ancestors of cockroaches, making them one of the more durable species of insects. Colonies of termites were established in every global area except Antarctica and termite queens developed the longest lifespan of any insect, sometimes living as long as 50 years.

Social Behavior

The caste system of a termite colony is highly evolved, with each member having a specifically defined role.

– Workers are responsible for food gathering and storage as well as maintenance of the nest and brood. Since workers digest cellulose, they’re the ones most likely to be found in wood infestations.

– Soldiers are large, powerful termites charged with defending the colony.

– The king and queen, who mate for life, head the reproductive caste. Swarms, which often take place in spring, occur when male and female termites pair up and search for new nesting places.

Destructive Tendencies

Termites serve a valuable purpose in the decomposition of organic material, but that trait becomes destructive when they nest in a home or building. Unfortunately, they often remain undetected until significant damage is done.

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