At one time, insecticides effectively controlled the threat of German cockroaches, which had been the most common pests in Missouri buildings. Unfortunately, these hardy insects have made a comeback, creating an urgent need for Cape Girardeau pest control.

German cockroaches remain a threat during winter months, when they head indoors for shelter. Here are some of the facts you should know about these prevalent pests.

High Rate of Reproduction

It’s not your imagination. One female German cockroach and her offspring can multiply by hundreds of thousands within a single year, so even a minor infestation can grow quickly.

Love of Closed-In Spaces

German cockroaches gravitate toward narrow, out-of-the-way spaces where they are more protected. Favorite hiding places include wall and ceiling voids, cracks between walls and cabinets and the junction of door corners and jambs.

Strong “Maternal” Instincts

Female German cockroaches may carry egg cases for up to a month, releasing them just before they hatch. During this gestation time, females tend to remain hidden and avoid activity that may harm the eggs.

Resistance to Insecticides

German cockroaches have an uncanny ability to detect and bypass insecticides, which are unable to penetrate egg cases. In addition, the more resistant German cockroaches pass the trait along to their offspring so the resistance becomes even more powerful.

Cape Girardeau Pest Control for All Seasons

DIY pest control methods are virtually useless against German cockroaches. Contact Elite Pest Control for effective treatment by our professionally trained technicians.