When you go to the movies, you could bring home unwanted guests with you. Bed bugs can hang out in movie theaters and get onto your clothes or handbag. The experts at Elite Pest Control offer the following tips for preventing a bed bug problem in your home after seeing a movie.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs are able to easily move from surface to surface. If they’re on movie theater seats, they can climb onto your clothing or get into or on your handbag. If you don’t see them, you can end up bringing them into your home afterwards.

In fact, a woman in Independence, MO recently complained about bed bugs at an AMC theater. After having an inspection done, the theater announced that there was no evidence of bed bugs. Despite this finding, it’s an important reminder about taking steps to prevent bed bug infestations.

Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Home

You don’t have to avoid going to the movie theater out of fear of bringing these pests home with you. Instead, take a few simple precautions to prevent this from happening. Check your seats for bed bugs before you sit down, and inspect your handbag and clothing after the movie before you enter your home. Look for these tiny, reddish-brown bugs in seams and creases where they can hide easily.

If you end up with bed bug problems, contact Elite Pest Control. We offer Cape Girardeau pest control services that can effectively eliminate bed bugs.